In a recent announcement, the government of Malaysia had disclosed that a total sum of RM13 billionhas been allocated for BRIM since its launch for until the disbursement in 2016. Brim kemaskini is a scheme that has helped over 7.4 million lower income people till date in order to meet their living expenses. Datuk Ahmad Maslan, Deputy Finance Minister, said that over RM5 million has been allocated for 2015 itself. He said there are over 4.1 million beneficiaries whose monthly household income is equal to or less than RM3000and the total sum allocated for them is RM3.9 billion.

Also, there are over 2.7 million recipients whose monthly household earning was between RM3001 and RM4000, and this list also included unmarried youngsters who had a monthly income less than or equal to RM2000.When asked how the recipients got the amount, Datuk Ahmad Maslan said that 6.4 million recipients received the amount in their bank accounts, others received it through vouchers and there is no foul play in this system.All applications submitted by the recipients are verified with multiple agencies and care is taken that the amount reaches each applicant promptly.

Datuk Ahmad Maslan also leaked the names of a few authorities with which the applications are verified, and the names included the National Registration Department, Employees Provident Fund (EPF), Public Service Department, and the Inland Revenue Board.In addition to verifying the authenticity of each application, care is also taken by the agencies that no repetition is there. Examples include spouse, a dependent, or any household member from the same house.

Since the launch of brim n 2012, the fund had been coming from the government but with the implementation of Goods and Sales Tax this year, it is said that kemaskini br1m 2016 will receive a part of its funds from tax as well, and is expected to benefit more people in the coming terms.